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Loving Reggae
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quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

The Regulars - I & I 1980

Armageddon Rock Marcus The Prophet Portrait Of A Badman Born With Nothing Dress Up Yourself Jah Made Them All Marcus Children Marijuana DOWNLOAD MÉRITO ROOSSTONE

Betty Padgett Betty Padgett (1976)

01 - It would be shame 02 - My eyes adored you 03 - Sugar daddy part 1 04 - Tonight is the night 05 - Never never never 06 - Gypsy of love 07 - Sugar daddy part 2 08 - Rockin chair 09 - Love me forever DOWNLOAD

sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012

Larry Marshall - Throw Mi Corn

Record date : 197X Album style : roots, dub, solo vocal Playlist : Throw Mi Corn Dub Version Heavy Heavy Load Dub Version Your Love Dub Version Bird Song Dub Version Oh Girl Dub Version Ark Of Jah Covenant Dub Version Producer : Jah Woosh & Larry Marshall Remixing Engineer : Boris Gardiner Engineer : King Tubby & Bravo Drums : Squidley Cole & Mikey Boo Richards & Anthony Charlton & Sly Dunbar & Fish Clarke Bass : Flabba Holt & Lloyd Parks & Rupert Forbes Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny & Mikey Dike & Congo Ashanti Roy Lead Guitar : Dooley & Ranchie & Eric Frater & Chinna Keyboards : Dennis Ferron & Gladstone Anderson Percussions : Skully & Bongo Herman Studios : Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Leggo (Kingston, JA) ::::juliorastaroots::::

Congo Ashanti Roy - Level Vibes

Record date : 1984 Album style : dancehall, solo vocal Playlist : Roadblock Yes I Know Give Me Some Love Give It To The Postman Give It To The Postman (Dub) Sweet Love Children Of The Ghetto Look Before You Leap Tell Them Sweet Love (Dub) Producer : Adrian Sherwood ::::juliorastaroots::::

terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2012

Johnny Osbourne - Greensleeves Most Wanted

Record date : 198X Playlist : Fally Ranking [12" Mix] Trench Town School [12" Mix] Ice Cream Love Johnny Osbourne & Papa Tullo - Back Off [12" Mix] Johnny Osbourne & Papa Tullo - Trying To Turn Me On [12" Mix] Give A Little Love Angel In My Arms [12" Mix] Water Pumping Rewind In The Area Buddy Bye Bye No Sound Like We Dub Plate Playing Struggle Ha Fi Gwan Trickster [12" Mix] Producer : Prince Jammy & Linval Thompson & Gussie Clarke Vocals : Johnny Osbourne :::julio rasta roots:::

Junior English - The Best Of

Record date : 197X Album style : roots, solo vocal Playlist : The Way We Were Don't Cry Let Me Know It Gipsy Woman You Don't Care Make It Up To You Never Let Me Go Keep On Trying Monday's Be Thankful Vocals : Junior English :::julio rasta roots:::

segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2012

The Heptones - Wonderful World With The Heptones

Record date : 197X-8X Album style : roots, group vocal Playlist : Wonderful World Place Call Love Losing You Promise To Be True Yesterday Do You Really Want To Be Hurt You Don't Know Me Key To Her Heart At The Party Down Comes The Rain Swing Low Thank You Lord Crystal Blue Clear Everyday Life Prisonner Girl Holy Mount Zion Get Up Chant Natural Mystic Brand New Me What It Is Producer : The Heptones & Earl Chinna Smith :::julio rasta roots:::

Various Artists - Studio One Roots Vol.3 - 2007

Album style : early reggae, roots, dub, DJ, solo vocal, group vocal, instrumental Playlist : Freddie McKay - (I'm) A Free Man Jennifer Lara - A Change Is Gonna Come Alton & Zoot - Oppression Winston Flames - In A Armagideon Dillinger - Babylon Fever The Gladiators - Re Arrange Vin Gordon - Fullness Larry Marshall - Better Must Come Cliff Stewart - Burn Collie Cedric Im Brooks & Count Ossie - So Long Rastafari Calling The Nightingales - What A Situation Clifton Gibbs & The Selected Few - Brimstone & Fire Dub Specialist - Musical Science Prince Jazzbo - Creation Skank Errol Dunkley - Way Down Low Lloyd Forest - Where It's At The Dynamic Four - Let's Make Love Judah Eskender Tafari - Jah Light Producer : C.S. Dodd :::julio rasta roots:::

Toots & The Maytals - Light Your Light

:::julio rasta roots:::

Johnny B - Time Will Tell

Record date : 1979 Album style : roots, solo vocal Playlist : Waiting The Cops The Man United People Wanting You Find Her My Sweet Baby Unity Didn't You Know Baby Baby Arranger : Johnny B Producer : Johnny B Engineer : Sid Bucknor & Pete Hammond Vocals : Johnny B :::julio rasta roots:::

sábado, 24 de março de 2012

Peter Tosh - Mama Africa 1983

Playlist : Glass House Not Gonna Give It Up Stop That Train Johnny Be Goode Where You Gonna Run Peace Treaty Feel No Way Maga Dog Johnny Be Goode (Long Version) * Where You Gonna Run (Long Version) * Mama Africa (7 Inch Version) * Engineer : Maxie & Geoffrey Chung Producer : Peter Tosh & Chris Kimsey Vocals : Peter Tosh Backing Vocals : Audrey Hall & Raymond Hall & Betty Wright & The Tamlins & Donald Kinsey & Dorriett Myers & Peter Tosh & Chris Kimsey & Pam Hall Drums : Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis Bass : Gibby & Robbie Shakespeare Lead Guitar : Darryl Thompson & Donald Kinsey Rhythm Guitar : Steve Golding & Michael Chung Organ : Robert Lynn Keyboards : Byron Allred & Peter Couch Piano : Keith Sterling Saxophone : Dean Fraser Trombone : Nambo Robinson Trumpet : David Madden & Arnold Breckenridge & Chico Hamilton Percussions : Skully & Sticky Clavinet : Peter Tosh Studios : Recording : Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) DOWNLOAD REGGAE

Programa Espaço Roots Reggae

sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

The Mexicano - Move Up Starsky

Record date : 1977 Album style : roots, DJ Playlist : Rock It The Bouncer Easy Loving Move Up Starsky Dub Rock Goddess Of Love Swing And Sway Lonely Street Harry The Fool Sos Producer : Sidney Crooks & Danny Ray & Clem Bushay & Jackie Edwards Mixing Engineer : Frank Aggarat Vocals : The Mexicano Backing Band : Zaband'is Drums : Paul Douglas & Sly Dunbar Bass : Jackie Jackson & Lloyd Parks Guitar : Hux Brown & Rad Bryan & Ranchie Keyboards : Ansel Collins & Gladstone Anderson Studios : Mixing : Coach House (London, UK) Overdubs Recording : Coach House (London, UK) DOWNLOAD REGGAE

Third World - All The Way Strong - 1983

Record date : 1983 Album style : group vocal, roots Playlist : Love Is Out To Get You Swing Low Come On Home Seasons When Lagos Jump All The Way Strong Rock And Rave Once There's Love Producer : Third World Mixing Engineer : Steven Stewart Engineer : Steven Stewart Studios : Music Mountain (Kingston, JA) & Kendun Recorders DOWNLOAD REGGAE

Misty In Roots - Live At The Counter Eurovision(1979)

Record date : 1979 Album style : roots, live, group vocal Playlist : Man Kind Ghetto Of The City How Long Jah Oh Wicked Man Judas Iscariote See Them Ah Come Sodome And Gomorra Recording Engineer : Daniel Leon & Philippe Ohse & Chris Bolton Vocals : Misty In Roots Backing Band : Misty In Roots DOWNLOAD REGGAE

Dennis Brown - no man is an island

Record date : 1970 Album style : early reggae, solo vocal Playlist : No Man Is An Island Going To A Ball I Love You Madly Rain Drops Keep Falling Created By The Father I Have Got To Go I'll Never Fall In Love Make It Easy On Yourself Your Love Is Amazing I Need Someone Something Bugging Me God Bless The Children Producer : C.S. Dodd DOWNLOAD REGGAE

I Roy - Heavier Than Lead

Record date : 197X Playlist : Hard Bud Fi Dead Total Togetherness Saddle Up Your Scate Heavier Than Lead Musical Explosion Give Thanks To Jah Straight To Jazzbo Head City Slicker Musical Feast The Duke Equality Topic Of The Day Stick Around Words Of Wisdom Set Me Free Vocals : I Roy DOWNLOAD REGGAE

sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2012

Cornel Campbell - Original Blue Recordings 1970-79

Playlist : Jah Jah Me No Horn Yah Just One Kiss (Magic Spell) Mash You Down I Am Your Man Why Did You Leave Wherever I Lay My Hat Help Them Jah Jah If A Fire Make It Come Beginning Of The End Jah Jah A Go Beat Them Wont Be Fool Again You Dont Care For Me Im The One Who Loves You Rope In Once Ago Undying Love Why Birds Follow Spring Im Just A Country Boy Devil In Bed Devil In Bed Dub Record date : 1970-79 Album style : early reggae, roots, solo vocal Producer : Bunny Lee Backing Band : The Aggrovators & The Soul Syndicate & The High Times Band Studios : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA) DOWNLOAD REGGAE

segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Sid Lovejoy - Jah Jah Knows

Playlist : King Kong Man Feel So Good Set Me Free I Need Your Loving Fussin And Fighting Jah Jah Knows Record date : 1982 Album style : roots, solo vocal Producer : Sid Lovejoy Vocals : Sid Lovejoy Backing Band : We The People Band Backing Vocals : The Gaylads Bass : Lloyd Parks Lead Guitar : Earl Chinna Smith Trumpet : Bobby Ellis Tenor Saxophone : Dean Fraser Strings : Paul Zaza Percussions : Bongo Herman Studios : Mixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA) Recording : Harry J (Kingston, JA) DOWNLOAD REGGAE

Dennis Alcapone - Belch It Off

Playlist : Belch It Off Jack Horner God Father Do It Over And Over Old King Cole Bad Habit Hard Time Party Time Sorry Harry
Album style : roots, DJ, solo vocal Producer : Sidney Crooks Vocals : Dennis Alcapone DOWNLOAD REGGAE

Wackies Rhythm Force - African Roots Act 1

Playlist : Addis Ababa Dub Rock Ago Rock Undying Dub Freedom Dub Gen Rock Dub Wackie Rock Tune Mozambique Trial Always Dubbing Betrayers Call This Exit Record date : 1977 Album style : roots, dub Producer : Clive Hunt & Bullwackie Engineer : Prince Douglas Backing Band : The Wackies Rhythm Force Studios : Recording : Wackie's (New York, USA) DOWNLOAD REGGAE

The Wackies Rhythm Force - African Roots Act 2

Playlist : African Roots Act 2 Dub Revelation In Dub Gonna Fight Dub Journey Rock Lam's International Dub Mama Land Dub Lanly Dub Mystic Dub Sea Of Dub African Man Dub Record date : 1982 Album style : roots, dub Producer : Bullwackie Mixing Engineer : Junior Delahaye Backing Band : The Wackies Rhythm Force Studios : Recording : Wackie's (New York, USA) DOWNLOAD REGGAE

Wackies Rhythm Force - 1983-African Roots Act 3

Playlist : So Much Dub Good Thing Dub Feel It Dub Mother Land Dub Think It Over Dub Take Away Dub Stay On Dub Freedom Dub Dubmatic You I Love Dub Record date : 1983 Album style : roots, dub Engineer : Owen 'Fox' Stewart & Bullwackie & Sugar Minott & Douglas Levy Producer : Bullwackie & Sugar Minott Vocals : Sugar Minott Backing Band : The Wackies Rhythm Force Drums : Fabian Cooke & Owen 'Fox' Stewart & Annette Brissette Bass : Tony Allen & Owen 'Fox' Stewart & Bagga Walker Piano : Jackie Mittoo & Owen 'Fox' Stewart Organ : Owen 'Fox' Stewart Saxophone : Pee Wee Walters & Jerry Johnson Trombone : Derrick Hinds & Smudge Percussions : Lenox Barnes & Ras Menilik Dacosta & The Chosen Brothers Studios : Recording : Wackie's (New York, USA)

Wackies Rhythm Force- Free South Africa.rar

Playlist : Willie Williams - In South Africa John Clarke - African Children Mickey Jarrett - Time Fe The African Be Free The Chosen Brothers - Majority Rule Ras Menelik - Chant Down Apartheid Milton Henry - Now You See The Scene Liberation Struggles People Republic Black Solidarity City Of Gold Detention & Repression Free South Africa Record date : 1986 Producer : Bullwackie Backing Vocals : The Chosen Brothers & Maxine Miller & Fabian Cooke & Joe Auxumite & Andrew McCalla & Milton Henry Backing Band : The Wackies Rhythm Force Keyboards : Morty Butler Horns : Jerry Johnson DOWNLOAD REGGAE

Various Artists - Jah Children Invasion 1983

Playlist : Sugar Minott - Take A Set Lloyd Hemmings - Up On The Roof Milton Henry - No Turning Back Love Joys - It Ain't Easy Harold Butler - Dedication Rock Jezzreel - Tricks On My Mind Wayne Jarrett - Moses Itopia - Do You Really Know Max Romeo - What's Forever For Junior Delahaye - Stormy
Album style : roots, solo vocal, group vocal Record date : 1983 Producer : Bullwackie Mixing Engineer : Bullwackie Engineer : Bullwackie & Douglas Levy & Junior Delahaye Drums : Fabian Cooke Bass : Jah T & Owen 'Fox' Stewart Guitar : Jerry Harris & Owen 'Fox' Stewart Keyboards : Owen 'Fox' Stewart & Harold Butler & Jackie Mittoo Saxophone : Jerry Johnson & Pee Wee Walters Trombone : Derrick Hinds & Neville Anderson Percussions : Ras Menilik Dacosta Studios : Recording : Wackie's (New York, USA) Mixing : Wackie's (New York, USA) DOWNLOAD REGGAE

quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2012

Linval Thompson - Ride On Dreadlocks 1975-77 (Blood & Fire ).rar

Playlist : Jah Jah The Conqueror (Extended) Long Long Dreadlocks (Extended) Ride On Dreadlocks (Extended) Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks / Joyful Locks 12 Tribes Of Israel (Extended) Everybody Needs Money (Extended) Don't Try To Rob I (Extended) Cool Down Your Temper (Extended) A Big Big Girl (Extended) Jah Jah Is I Guiding Star (Extended) Can't Stop Natty Dread Again (12 Inch Version) Album style : roots, solo vocal Record date : 1975-77 Producer : Bunny Lee & Linval Thompson Studios : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) DOWNLOAD REGGAE

quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Sahra Indio - Change (2007)

01 - Remedy
02 - Precious
03 - Reggae on the Farm
04 - Jah Fire
05 - Good Bredren
06 - Jah's Jewel
07 - Get to it
08 - Change
09 - Give it Up
10 - Man & Woman
11 - Look to the East
12 - Hey Sista
13 - Nosotros


terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Cudjoe Rubber - Set Love Free (2011)

01. Stay In School
02. Down The Lane
03. Suzie Lue
04. Set Love Free
05. How Beautiful
06. Cherry Girl
07. What Am I To Do
08. Jah Is For I
09. Dem Say Peace
10. Sing Me A Song
11. Don't Take Drugs
12. Blood Follow Vain
13. Kalley
14. Dem Say Peace


Onestas - jah paradise

1 Africa Jah Paradise
2 My Sunshine Has Gone
3 Lift Up My Soul
4 Jah Returns
5 In The Heart Of The Ghetto
6 Alpha And Omega
7 Just Like A Dream


sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

Lenny Keylard - Jah Is The Remedy Love Is The Cure 2011

01. Feels Like Home
02. It’s You
03. Keep The Light Up
04. Love Brings Happiness
05. Night N Day
06. Pray With Me
07. Rasta Is Real
08. When The War Is Over
09. When You Need Love
10. Baby Get Higher
11. It’s You (Remix)


terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

Winston curtis - winston's greats (197x)

Playlist :
Let It Be Me
Pledging My Love
Consider Me
World In My Arms
What You Gonna Do Bout It
Lovin' Arms
All I Have To Do Is Drem, Drea
Private Number
Release Me
Shu Be Du Be
Rain From The Sky *
Win Your Love *
Your Mine *
My Desire *
Every Body Needs Love *

Record date : 1977
Album style : roots, solo vocal
Producer : Winston Curtis & Honey Boy Martin


Cultural Roots - Hell A Go Pop

Playlist :
Hell A Go Pop
Every Man Has A Right
Thief, Liars And Criminals
Where Have You Been
Reggae Music
Tell It To Her
Won't Cooperate
Love Feelings
Lump Sum
Hell A Go Pop (12" Mix) *
Love Feelings (12" Mix) *

Backing Band : The Roots Radics
Mixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing Engineer : Soljie Hamilton
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Record date : 1984
Producer : Henry Junjo Lawes
Album style : dancehall, group vocal


segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

Gregory Isaacs meets Ronnie Davis.rar

Playlist :
Gregory Isaacs - Mr Know It All
Gregory Isaacs - Sunshine For Me
Gregory Isaacs - Be Your Self
Gregory Isaacs - Thief A Man
Gregory Isaacs - Love Light
Ronnie Davis - Fancy Make Up
Ronnie Davis - Rock With Me Baby
Ronnie Davis - Mercy Mercy
Ronnie Davis - Please Don't Go
Ronnie Davis - Fever

Vocals : Gregory Isaacs & Ronnie Davis
Album style : roots, dancehall, solo vocal
Record date : 1979
Producer : Ossie Hibbert


sábado, 7 de janeiro de 2012

Johnny Osbourne - Live Good 2003.rar


Third World - you've got the power.rar


Ishan People - Reggae Sun 1977


Junior Delgado - Sings Dennis Brown (A New Tribute Album)


Bunny Wailer - Time Will Tell: A Tribute To Bob Marley 1990.rar


The Mighty Diamonds - Live In Tokyo (1985)


The Mighty Diamonds - Inna de Yard (2007).rar

O Mighty Diamonds são os últimos sobreviventes da era verdadeira grande de raízes trios vocais. Todos os outros já secou, ​​se desfez, ou mudaram suas vozes. Shaw "Tabby" Donald, Ferguson 'Juiz' Lloyd, e Simpson 'Bunny' Fitzroy nunca se separou. Eles têm realmente resistiu ao teste do tempo, soando como hoje bom como eles fizeram quando formaram o grupo em 1969.

Sua sessão de "Inna De Yard ', gravado no quintal Smith" Chinna "Earl, em meados de fevereiro de 2007, é uma obra de brilho absoluto! (Confira as fotos no encarte e você verá que realmente registrou em seu quintal!)

10 faixas de harmonia, soulful as raízes da forma como as canções foram criadas.

Todos os clássicos estão aqui, incluindo eu preciso de um telhado, tem misericórdia, quando o momento certo Venha, e Country Living. Algumas músicas são acompanhadas por outros tambores Nyahbinghi recurso apenas uma guitarra. A constante em todas as faixas é o doce, vocais pungente de três cantores talentosos.

O Mighty Diamonds 'Inna De Yard' não decepciona!


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Casal Roots - Adele Sistah e Julio Rasta Roots

Casal Roots - Adele Sistah e Julio Rasta Roots
Aleluia Roots Reggae - Itacaré

Adele Sistah e Andrew Tosh

Adele Sistah e Andrew Tosh
Aleluia Roots Reggae - Itacaré

Andrew Tosh

Andrew Tosh
Aleluia Roots Reggae - Itacaré

Pablo Moses

Pablo Moses
Aleluia Roots Reggae - Itacaré

Angel Systah e Adele Sistah

Angel Systah e Adele Sistah
Aleluia Roots Reggae - Itacaré

Filhos de Negus (1976) com Ras Michael para a esquerda, o falecido Geoffrey Chung com um chapéu grande, eu Kiddus peito nu, e Robbie Shakespeare em uma camisa laranja. (Foto: Pete Simon) Fonte: http://www.reggae-vibes.com/

Sly Dunbar, Peter Tosh e Robbie Shekspeare

Sly Dunbar, Peter Tosh e Robbie Shekspeare

Sly and Robbie

Sly and Robbie
Sly and Robbie é um prolífico jamaicano seção rítmica e duo de produção, associadas principalmente com o reggae gênero. O baterista Sly Dunbar eo baixista Robert Shakespeare ingressou em meados dos anos 1970 depois de estabelecer-se separadamente na Jamaica como músicos profissionais. Sly and Robbie são estimados para ter jogado em ou produzidos 200.000 gravações, muitas delas em sua própria etiqueta, registros de táxi.

Robbie Shakespeare

Robbie Shakespeare
Robbie Shakespeare (direita) jogando com Peter Tosh na Doutor Bush, turnê de 1978